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Please give in whatever way you can to enable the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to continue carrying out its vital work to protect our bumblebees – both rare and common. That way we can all make a difference to the plight of these amazing creatures!

You can allocate your donation to a specific project – or click here to allow us to allocate it to where it is needed most.

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Allow us to allocate your donation where it is needed most

Machair imageIn this landmark year, our vision remains firmly focused on creating communities and countryside rich in bumblebees and colourful wildflowers, supporting a diversity of wildlife for everyone to enjoy.

The Trust, at 10 years, continues to grow. We are delighted to have the backing of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for two new projects – Making a Buzz for the Coast and Pollinating the Peak.

However, we continue to deliver on our commitments to projects such as Bee Wild West Wales and the Short-haired bumblebee project, advising land owners and farmers, schools, our BeeWalk programme, policy work and training our volunteers.

All of the above requires your help and your donation will help to fund these. You can allocate your donation to one of the projects mentioned below or allow us to allocate it to where it is needed most.

We are the independent voice for bumblebees and we know there is a lot of enthusiasm for our work; so please give what you can and help us to ensure we have another buzzing year ahead of us!

To allow us to direct your donation where it is needed most, click here.

Pollinating the Peak

Pollinating the Peak is an exciting new project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) focusing on the Peak District and Derbyshires’ wild pollinators, in particular bumblebees, including the scarce, but iconic Bilberry bumblebee. The project directly delivers actions from adopted Government policy set out within the National Pollinator Strategy (NPS) for England.

This project, currently in it’s development phase, is a once in a lifetime opportunity to maximise the current enthusiasm and local knowledge within the Peak District, to raise awareness about the importance of bumblebees, and use fun and innovative ways to inspire and educate individuals, communities and the next generation of entomologists about how to protect bumblebees.

Pollinating the Peak will focus on five delivery strands; Buzzing Gardens, Buzzing Communities, Buzzing Schools, Buzzing Tourism and Skills for Bees. Children, students and adults will learn how to create habitats, volunteer, take part in science-based curriculum activities, bee identification and conservation.

We need to raise £36,000 as matched funding to support the project moving forwards into year two.

For example, a donation of £25 would provide funds towards designing a mobile ‘Polli:lab’.

To direct your donation to our Pollinating the Peak project, click here.

Making a Buzz for the Coast

In June 2015, we were awarded an initial grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop an ambitious partnership project led by the Trust focussing on land and communities along 300 miles of Kent coast from Dartford to Rye in East Sussex. We’re now in the process of preparing our Stage 2 application to HLF for the delivery phase of the project – and we need your help!

The Kent coast is a hotspot for rare bumblebees. Six of the seven rare bumblebee species listed as ‘species of principal importance’ in England (Section 41 NERC Act 2006) can be found along the Kent coast – including the Shrill carder bee (Bombus sylvarum), the UK’s most threatened bumblebee. However, these species exist in increasingly small and fragmented populations which serves to make them even more vulnerable.

Making a Buzz for the Coast aims to work with communities along the Kent coast to raise awareness about bumblebees, solitary bees and other wild pollinators, the benefits they provide and what can be done to help them – getting the whole community involved along the way. The project will have three focusses – providing habitat (working with partners and landowners to create and restore flower-rich habitat), monitoring populations (training up a new generation of bumblebee recorders to help us monitor populations through BeeWalk and a special Shrill carder recording scheme), and working with communities through our Buzzing Gardens and Buzzing Communities work strands. The project is being developed in partnership with the Kent Wildlife Trust, the RSPB, Natural England, Kent County Council and other local authorities.

HLF has provisionally agreed to contribute just over £1million (72%) towards the total project delivery costs for Making a Buzz for the Coast if our Stage 2 application is successful – but on the condition that we find the remaining 28% from other sources (match funding).

Which is where you come in!

For every £10 you donate to the project, HLF will give us £25 so if we manage to raise £50,000 from your donations, this will enable us to draw down a further £125,000 from HLF… what better way to make your money go further?

To direct your donation to our Making a Buzz for the Coast project, click here.

“Few people realise just how important bumblebees are. They are charming little things and a pleasure to see, but they also do an essential job which many people take for granted. If bumblebees continue to decline then we face ecological turmoil. Join BBCT today and support their important work.”

Chris Packham
Naturalist, Television presenter

Chris Packham
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