Celebrating our 10 year anniversary on the BBC Lifeline Appeal!

The BBC Lifeline is a monthly 10 minute programme broadcast on BBC One and BBC Two highlighting the work of a charity and appealing for donations to support its activities. The appeal aims to provide an opportunity for raising money and awareness of the chosen charity. This appeal is a fantastic way to engage with the BBC's audience.

Join Alison Steadman, actress and writer, who will present the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s appeal this month and provide an insight into the work carried out by us. Britain's bumblebee populations are declining as their natural wildflower habitats have been lost from the countryside over the past 80 years. Bumblebees are vitally important for biodiversity and are relied upon to pollinate many flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Alison Steadman (actress and writer)

The appeal will focus on our fantastic volunteers, who are key to the Trust's innovative BeeWalk programme. Clare Flynn, volunteer for the Trust, features on the appeal and discusses how she has created a bumblebee friendly smallholding she and her family run.

Alison, who completed a BeeWalk herself, also finds out how we are helping create 10,000 hectares of habitat to enable Britain's 25 species of bumblebees thrive.

The appeal will be broadcast on BBC One on Sunday 19 June at 15.30pm (except Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland HD which broadcasts at 16.00pm). The appeal will be repeated on BBC Two on Wednesday 22 June at 13.00pm.

For further information on this month’s appeal and more importantly to support the Trust by making a donation to the Lifeline appeal click here.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Trust click here.

There is something everyone can do to help the plight of the bumblebee!

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