Call to action:  EU-wide actions on CAP reform

Your countryside is in crisis!

Urge  your politicians in Brussels to vote for  farming that supports nature.

This is an urgent call for your support for a series of actions being rolled out by NGOs across Europe to try to influence MEPs ahead of the ‘crunch’ plenary session of the European Parliament on 13 March. Whilst the outcomes of the recent Agriculture Committee and EU budget negotiations were not good from an environmental perspective, there is still much to fight for. The European Environment Bureau (EEB), Birdlife International and WWF have joined forces to develop a series of ‘actions’ to target MEPs across Europe ahead of the plenary session.

Europe’s agricultural policy urgently needs  reforming.  For over 50 years, harmful farming practices which pollute our soil, water and air have been subsidised and incentivised by the EU. The losses to our countryside and farming are clear: 92% of Europe’s rivers and lakes are affected by pollution and water overuse due to agriculture; 300 million farmland birds have been lost since 1980; and 3.7 million farming jobs were lost over the last decade. At the same time, many wildlife-friendly farmers have struggled to remain in business.

We believe it is time to support good practices that will protect and restore  nature and produce healthy food sustainably for future generations.

For the first time ever, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have the power to vote on agricultural policy.  They could be the ones to finally shape a policy that delivers value for our money. Before the vote in the European Parliament in mid-March, tell your MEP to vote for a greener agricultural policy. This would benefit us all.

Write to your representatives in the European Parliament

Let them know that you want your money to support good farming practices that protect and restore nature! Please click and follow the steps. It will ask you to subscribe to the e-action and then ask you to support an email to MEPs in your part of the UK that will contain recommendations on how we want the MEP to vote in plenary.

Click here to read the open letter being sent to MEPs.


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