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Bees under threat from disease-carrying bumblebee imports

BBCT is increasingly concerned about the issue of imported bumblebees, and part funded the study by PhD student Peter Graystock, the results of which have been released today. (See press release below) BBCT has chosen to make disease in imported bumblebees a key policy area and we are working with leading scientists to evolve our position.

BBCT's position on this issue can be found here.

The final scientific paper can be found here.


Stricter controls over bumblebee imports to the UK are urgently required to prevent diseases spreading to native bumblebees and honeybees, scientists have warned. The call follows the discovery of parasites in over three-quarters of imported bumblebee colonies they tested. The study - the first of its kind in the UK - is published today in the Journal of Applied Ecology.


Solar parks helping to save the declining British bumblebee

Solarcentury and Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) are partnering to promote the use of solar parks in alleviating the plight of the bumblebee, which has declined dramatically.  The partnership will promote the development of bee-friendly environments by creating bio-diverse spaces in and around the solar parks Solarcentury has developed.

In the last 100 years, bumblebee populations have crashed, with two species becoming extinct in the UK.  Solar parks are ideal environments for bee habitats because they can support a range of attractive micro-habitats. The variety of dry and wet and shaded and sunny areas, if properly planted and managed, can encourage a much wider variety of fauna than improved grassland.