Zzzzzip it!

This month's guest blog article comes from Elissa and Taylor (both 11 years old). They raised over £100 for us earlier this year in a really unique way. Read on to find out what they did and why they did it...

'Our liking for bees started when my friend, Elissa Jones, and I, Taylor Phillips, were at school. Whilst in the playground we saw a really pretty bee which had, instead of yellow, red pollen on its hind legs. This intrigued us, then we saw lots of other bees and decided to research different varieties. We made 4 books one on research, one with tally charts of which ones we have seen the most, one about what we have named them and why, and finally a bee diary to record any unusual or exciting behaviour.

We spent hours and hours after school writing in our books and swapping books every night so we both got to write in each but it was interesting and fun.  I was researching rare bees and it came up with all these conservation trusts for bees, I texted Elissa and told her and I was making a poster about it. We then decided to do a sponsored silence and to involve others to raise more money. My mum came up with the activity. So we completed a 24 hour sponsored zzzzzzip it and we managed to drag another 4 friends in too.  ( Ben and Matthew Tilley, Shannon Hobson, and Edward Hodges.) We were absolutely thrilled to know that we could make an impact on bumble bees around the world and we could save them from going towards extinction!'


Thanks for your hard work Elissa and Taylor!

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