Reflecting on last year

As the new year begins, it’s a good chance to reflect on some of the work that I and the rest of the team have done over the past year.

In 2013, we delivered 48 talks, 35 bee walks, 25 ID training events, attended 44 shows or fairs, delivered six volunteer workshops and nine farm days.

Some of these events were huge, with the Gardeners’ World Live and Hampton Court Flower Show attracting several thousand visitors per day to our stalls. So in total, we estimate that we have directly engaged with almost 20,000 people in 2013! As our team is so small (we only have 16 staff), I think that’s a great achievement, and makes me feel proud to be part of an organisation that is working so hard to do a good thing.

We haven’t been doing all the work though, and we have over 200 active volunteers who have been doing dozens of events on our behalf, including 87 talks and 129 shows and fairs. This is more than the whole BBCT staff, which just shows how essential our volunteer base is.

On top of all of this, we had over 275,000 visitors to our website in 2013. Almost 20,000 of these visited our Bee kind gardening tool, so hopefully that will translate into 20,000 more bee-friendly gardens!

Our targets for 2014 are just as ambitious for those in 2013, so hopefully we’ll be seeing some of you as we take the bumblebee show on the road this year.

Will we be seeing you at a bee walk this year?

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