Rachel B. is running for bumblebees

In late 2012 I was contacted by one of our members, Rachel B., who wanted to help support BBCT by running a marathon to raise funds. We've since exchanged a few emails (and long-distance running tips!), and Rachel has offered to keep us up to date with her training and progress. She will be running in the Edinburgh Marathon on 26th May 2013, leaving just over five months to get ready for the big challenge! 

Here is the first installment of Rachel's marathon updates: 

'I took up running about seven or eight years ago, starting with a 5k Race for Life in Llanelli.  Having always hated PE in school, at the time it seemed like a huge task but I was pleased to get round and raise some money for charity.  Since then, I’ve done lots of 10ks and several half marathons but never a full marathon.

I wanted a goal for 2013 and decided that the Edinburgh Marathon would be the perfect challenge.  As it’s my first marathon, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some fundraising.  I’d stopped asking friends and family to sponsor me to do running events as I do quite a few races every year and it’s hard to ask people to sponsor you to do something you’ve done lots of times before.  But I’ve never tackled a marathon and it’s going to be tough so this is different!

Once I’d signed up for the race, the next issue was which charity to run for? Someone in my workplace pointed out that I’ve always been keen on bees and having been a member of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for a couple of years, they were the perfect choice.  My office colleagues made lots of puns – ‘I think we can create a buzz about this’ – which made me laugh. It’s not easy persuading people to part with their cash for environmental causes but with the help of a bee costume that I had for Christmas and some great friends and family, I’m hoping to raise £750. I’ve set up a Just Giving page and had some really generous donations already. 

If you’d like to support me, visit .  I’d love to hear from anyone else fundraising for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust or who has any fundraising tips. Contact me at
Now time to lace up my trainers.  And are my wings straight . . .?


If you want to know more about fundraising for BBCT, contact us on Good luck Rachel!

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