Gorgeous graveyards

In these dark winter months, it always helps to get sent some nice photos reminding me that summer (and flowers! And bees!) will come again, eventually. So I was delighted to be sent these photos by one of our members, John. John has been lovingly tending a graveyard to encourage wildflowers and helps bumblebees.

Most graveyards are covered in short grass, which has little benefit to wildlife. But my managing the graveyard in this way, much more habitat is provided for bees and other insects. It looks pretty amazing too! Graveyards are perfect habitats for bumblebees because the stones often have cavities underneath, in which bumblebees can nest. Work like this provides the bees with food, as well as a home.

John’s group doesn’t have a website yet, but you can find out more about similar projects by visiting the Caring for God’s Acre website, by clicking here. There you'll be able to find information on how to transform your own local graveyards into havens for bumblebees. If you have done anything like this already, or would like a bit of help, email us at

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