Getting a buzz from running a marathon

Earlier this year I mentioned that one of our supporters, Rachel, was set to run the Edinburgh Marathon to raise funds for BBCT. Well, Rachel's now ran the marathon and raised over £900 to help support our work! So I have invited Rachel to write about her experiences in this week's blog. Read on to see what Rachel says.

'My legs have finally stopped aching so now all I’m left with is the sense of achievement of having completed the Edinburgh Marathon.  So much has happened since I wrote my January blog.  The biggest change for me was getting a new job and so leaving something where I knew what I was doing for something completely different.  My former colleagues were really generous when I said I would like donations to my marathon fundraising page for Bumblebee Conservation Trust instead of a leaving present.

I really enjoyed the marathon training and in the weeks leading up to the race itself, my friends and family and anonymous donors were amazing in terms of keeping the donations coming in.  It seemed like every time I checked my emails, there were a few from ‘Just Giving’ saying that I had a new sponsor.  At one point I put on Facebook that I was £11.50 of the £750 fundraising target I’d set myself only to get an almost instant message from ‘Just Giving’ to say someone had just sponsored me £11.50!  I massively exceeded my target which is something I never thought would happen. At the time of writing, I’m delighted to say that I’ve raised £921.

I’d recommend anyone thinking of running a marathon to go for it.  It was great to be part of something so big and even better to be able to raise money for Bumblebee Conservation Trust and explain to people a bit about the work of the charity. It’s also been fun to write about the training on social media like Facebook and Twitter.  I’m hooked and will definitely be doing another marathon next year.

It’s not too late to add to the fundraising total: but for now, I’m going to put my feet up!'

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