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The benefits of fresh air

By Laura Shakespeare, Fundraising Officer

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”
– John Muir

It has long been recognised that a countryside walk, breathing in the fresh air and observing the goings on of nature, can be a welcome tonic to our often hectic lives. It is certainly much more difficult to worry about the weekly office politics when the sun is shining, flowers are in bloom and bumblebees are busily working away around you.

Indeed, there is a growing collection of literature and studies claiming to have definitively proven the positive physiological and psychological benefits of nature on well-being. This has ranged from reduction in anxiety and tension, restoration of attention span, as well as inducing a sense of calm and oneness. Not to mention those gallivanting around the great outdoors, keeping active, are said to be more likely to have better health in general, and particularly be benefitting their cardiovascular and respiratory system.