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A flavour of bumblebee!

"I think less in terms of what I have done for the bees but far more of what the bees have done for me."        Katy Malone, Bumblebee Conservation Officer for Scotland.

I’m Katy Malone, the Conservation Officer for Scotland and technically, yes, I cover the whole of the nation.  It’s a big, brilliant, beautiful nation. Many people have asked me what I do, so I thought I would write about a typical day in my working life.

Actually… I’ll come clean, there’s no such thing as a typical day. That was to be the title of the blog, but as soon as I wrote it, I realised I would struggle to find a realistic answer to the question.  How on earth do I tell you about my typical day when every day is different? No hours, no-one I meet, no places I visit – are ever the same. The only days that are fully (mostly. Okay, when I have time) planned out in advance, are the days when I’m delivering a training workshop about bumblebees. The rest of my days are ad hoc, flexible, juggling priorities, opportunistic. And I absolutely love it!

So instead, I hope you’ll allow me a little artistic license – this is a flavour of my time as a Conservation Officer.