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Gardening world

It’s been an immensely busy few weeks at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, so today is my first chance to reflect on everything that’s been happening. Since the launch of our new Bees for Everyone project, it’s been a whirlwind of talks, fairs and shows that have taken me up and down the country.

Our first major show with our new look and materials was a three-day stint at Gardening Scotland, Scotland’s biggest gardening show. Dawn and I were perfectly placed in the Garden for Life area, where I was able to give a few tours around the winning garden, designed and created by Sheila Filsell from Elmwood College. Hopefully this showed some of the visitors how they could make their garden more bee-friendly, and that the plants they picked up that day were rich in pollen and nectar for the bees. I also believe that I found the most bee-friendly square meter of land in the country, with Green Routes’ pallet garden, which had a Bee kind score of over 1,000!

Green Routes’ bee-friendly pallet garden