Volunteering in any capacity is a great way to share your enthusiasm, skills and ideas whilst having fun and meeting likeminded people.

By volunteering for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust you would also be making a positive contribution to the conservation of bumblebees, wildflowers and the many other parts of our natural world that depend on bees.

Volunteers are vital to our work at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.
With your help we can spread our message about the importance of bumblebees and how to help their survival to everyone across the UK. Individuals just like you are also make a huge contribution to the national bumblebee recording scheme, which relies on volunteers to collect data on the abudance of all bumblebee species in the UK.

All you really need is enthusiasm, a love of wildlife and some time.
Please see our opportunities page to find out how you can help today! Dont forget you can also support our work by fundraising for BBCT.

Your help is greatly appreciated and really will make a difference!

“Bumblebees are one of the most endearing insect visitors to any garden. Their furry, colourful bodies and clumsy flight always raise a smile, but they also do an essential job. Without their pollination services many flowers would produce no seeds, and fruit and vegetable yields would suffer.”

Toby Buckland
TV gardener

Toby Buckland
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