Sourcing wildflower seed

Many grasslands have lost their wildflower seed bank.  The addition of locally sourced native seed to a meadow will, over time, help to increase the range and number of flowers that it supports, increasing the quantity and quality of foraging habitat for bumblebees.

Seed can be harvested by brush harvesting, using a leaf vacuum, or using green hay, or can be bought from seed merchants which supply native origin seed mixes of local provenance. 

Different seeds will be suitable for the various soil types, and information on these can be found in the factsheets below (click to download pdf).

Example wildflower seed mix for neutral soils

Example wildflower seed mix for calcareous soils

Example wildflower seed mix for damp soils

Example wildflower seed  mix for pollen and nectar margins

For more information on sourcing wildflower seeds, click here to download our factsheet.

For site-specific advice, please contact your local Bumblebee Conservation Trust Conservation Officer –

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