2017 will be another exciting year with events up and down the country! Take a look to see if there is a workshop or Bee ID training event you could attend & learn so much more about bumblebees!

We will list other conservation-based exhibitions, activities & shows as we find out - please keep checking.


March 24th
Talk at Abingdon

Our Data Monitoring Officer, Dr Richard Comont, will deliver a talk on 'The Plight of the Bumblebee' at Abingdon Naturalists' Society on Tuesday 24th March. Richard will talk about the fascinating life cycle of the bumblebee, reasons why they are declining, and how we can all help them. Entry is £3 for non-members, and more information can be found on the Abingdon Naturalists' Society website by clicking here.


March 28th
Intermediate bumblebee ID and survey course, Dungeness

Dr Nikki Gammans from the Short-haired bumblebee reintroduction project will be leading a course in intermediate bumblebee ID and survey techniques. Attendees will learn more about the bumblebee life cycle, what we can all do to help the, and how to identify the common and rare species.

The event will take place at RSPB Dungeness, from 10.30am-3pm on Saturday 28th March 2015, and bookings should be made through RSPB (click here)


March 29th
Gardening for bees and bee ID, Wildwood, Kent.

Dr Nikki Gammans fromt he Short-haired bumblebee reintroduction project will be leading a session on gardening for bees, and basic bumblebee identification. 

Itwill take place at Wildwood, Herne Bay, Kent. For more information on costs and booking, visit the Wildwood website.


March 29th
Bumblebee ID workshop - Staffordshire

BBCT Volunteer Ron Rock will be leading a workshop to introduce bumblebees and their identification at Gayton, Staffordshire. Learn how to identify the common bumblebees you are likely to see in your garden, and find out more about the wonderful world of bumblebees.

This workshop is suitable for beginners or anyone wanting to improve their skills, and the aim is that more people will become involved in recording bumblebees.

It will take place in Gayton Village Hall, and last from 11:00am-3.30pm. It costs £10 to attend, with proceeds going to BBCT and the Stafford Bee border project. To book your place, contact Ron on