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Tree Bee nest, they look like they are all dying?


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I have had a nest of bees in a bird box that is siutation on the wall above my back door for about three weeks. They arrived when i was on holiday so it is hard to know when they arrived exactly! I think that they might be tree bees?

There were alot of them and now I am finding more and more of them on the floor, sleepy or dead in my conservatory. There are less around the nest. Maybe only one or two when there were about 10-15.

I was at first not happy about it and my partner and I were looking at how to move them but we got used to them and there has been some rainy weather too so we havent noticed them and decided to keep them!

I think it has helped the kids too, we have been able to teach them that bumblebees are not to be scared of and that we need them and it is great they are here!

My next door nieghbour has had them two years in a row now.

Are they dying naturally or is this part of the decline of them? It worries me and I wouldnt mind if this was something that happend again and I am keen to plant more flowers for them, would that help them live longer?

Hope this all makes sense?

Look forward to replies which stops me worrying that it is naturall for them to be dying?!



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Hi Jen,

Firstly welcome along to the BBCT forum.

I won’t go over everything that has been said already, but if you go to the “Bumblebee discussion” page on this forum, you’ll find a lot of information on the Tree bee.
If your still not sure it is the right bee your seeing, post a photo or a description and I’m sure that someone on the forum will have the answer.

Also, have a look at the BBCT home page click on ‘About bees’  then click on ‘life cycle of bees’  this will give you a good insight into what goes on.

Hope this has pointed you in the right direction….....