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Flower Pollen


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While sitting in the garden with my wife enjoying a glass of something on a rare sunny day, she asked me a question while we were watching the bees flit in & out of the flowers that I don’t know the answer too ! The question is this…..

” When the bees take the pollen from the flower, do the flowers produce more pollen so as to attract more bees ?”

My thoughts are they don’t; but I’m not sure….... Does anybody else know ?



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Hello Peter,

I’ve been browsing the Forum and spotted your post.  It look a a bit lonely so here’s a reply !

Since flowers must be set up with the plant typical structure and number of stamens for that species, I think it highly likely that everything will be set up in advance of flowering. 

But for some flowers the bees can be in charge of how much pollen is liberated.  You can hear bumblebees and solitary bees “sonicating” rose and poppy flowers, to make the stamens release the pollen grains.  (It sounds like a loud whine.)

And to make matters even more complicated, I’ve heard at Talks by pollen/pollination expert Dr Michael Keith-Lucas that some flowers produce special types of pollen especially for bees, which are not viable for pollination purposes: but produce a special fertile pollen separately as well.

So it is a complex subject !