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With regard to the article on ocelli in the recent copy of Buzzword.  I recall that an experiment to determine the purpose of ocelli was carried out at Rothampstead, in the 60’s or 70’s, I think.  I think one
of the researchers was called Venner but I don’t have access to a library so I am sorry I can’t be more specific.

The ocelli of honey bees were obscured and it was noted that although honey bees, within the darkness of the hive, normally orientate their von Frisch, figure of eight dance, relative to gravity if there is a visible light source they orientated it relative to the direction of the light.  If the ocelli of the bees are obscured they ignore the light and orientate their dance relative to gravity as they would in darkness.

I believe that researchers concluded that the ocelli allow the bee to detect the presence and direction of a light source which in view of their need to accurately know the direction of the sun relative to the
hive, in order to orientate their dance, makes sense.


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Thank you TAlex for posting this.
Glad you enjoyed the article in Buzzword and

Welcome to the forum!

regards, elaine


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Hi TAlex

Thanks for that extra information, I will try to find the research paper that that was based upon. Welcome to the forum!