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A Book for Christmas & many years to come


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Dear Readers,

Here is a recommendation for a lovely present Santa could give to you, or yours.

It is a book called “Plants for Bees.  A guide to the Plants that Benefit the Bees of the British Isles” by Kirk & Howes.
It will be suitable for any Bumblebee enthusiast, Beekeeper, or Insect interested Gardener.

The book has 311 pages is around A4 size and recently been published as a hardback by IBRA at £25.
The ISBN reference is:  10: 0-86098-271-8. 
The book is beautifully illustrated, easy to use and covers flowers visited by bees of all types.
There are sections of text which explain how the various groups of bees (honey bees, bumblebees, solitary bees) interact with flowers as their food sources. 
It shows which types of bee you can expect on a particular flower species and also the flowering time of the plant. 

The book is a successor to the well known book ‘Plants and Beekeeping’, by the late FN Howes.  This has been a ‘standard work’ for beekeepers for many years - but ‘Plants for Bees’ is even more useful and has vastly more information presented in very accessible format. 

I’ve recently bought myself a copy (so beating Santa) and am thoroughly enjoying exploring it in preparation for years to come.



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Hi Clive,

We have a copy of that book in the office, and I must say it’s a great resource. Very well researched and with lovely illustrations, so I would recommend it too!