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Volunteering with BBCT is fun!


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Can thoroughly recommend volunteering - is fun and great people!


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It’s not something I’ve considered Laura, I work shifts (24/7) so until I retire (in 4 years time all being well) I can’t really commit to anything.  I don’t think that I know enough about bumblebees to give a talk…about the only thing I’ve managed to do is put up the BB ID poster in the tea room at work, I have tried to encourage colleagues to join BBCT and to grow BB friendly plants in their gardens.

If there was something in my area that I could get to (I don’t drive) I would try to get along…but I often have to work extra shifts to cover staff shortages so it’s fairly unlikely that I would get to anything. Do the BBCT have a stall at Garden shows like gardeners’ World Live?...I am sure that they would drum up lots of support if they did….people would purchase the pin-badges, booklets etc as well.

Anyway…what did you do on your volunteer day? do tell….


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Cheers Laura!
I look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the TWIC Autumn Recorder’s Meeting on Saturday.

CPB… don’t worry that you don’t have the time to do more volunteering. You sound very busy with your job and yet you still have made time to spread the word about bumblebees and bee friendly gardening. And recruiting new members is one of the best things you can do to keep BBCT running in the long-term. So thank you so much.

This year BBCT staff attended lots of events such as Gardener’s World Live and Hampton court palace flower show and lots of others.
Our volunteer management team have recruited lots of volunteers over the summer so hopefully BBCT will be represented at these and many other events next year.

They will run more Volunteering Workshops next year for people who are interested in volunteering for BBCT but who aren’t sure where to start. So keep checking the events pages for more information.