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Bee friendly plants


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Over the past 5 years, I have had a number of Calamintha plants amongst several of those plants you recommend as being bee-friendly.
Apart from being attractive.small, floriforous and trouble free, I have found that the Calamintha has attracted by far the largest number of a variety of bees of any of the other bee-friendly plants that flower at the same time. I know that late summer provides the bees with probably the best choices of garden food plants during the year, but “bang-for-buck”, this plant beats the rest hands down in my garden.
I wondered if other “bee-friendly” gardeners had noticed this
Alan Dummer


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Thanks for this recommendation Alan. I hadn’t heard of this plant before, so after a little online research, I found that it belongs to the same family of plants as many of the very best bee-friendly plants (including salvia, mint, catmint, teucrium majoram, thyme and lavendar). It surely warrants being added to Bee kind version 2.0 in future, so thanks for bringing it to my attention!