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Bumblebee Nesting Boxes - Secrets for success?


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Hi, we purchased a nesting box earlier on in the year (remember the warm week at the end of March), had a lovely start with an early queen,unfortunately it seems that she was a victim of the weather as our queen disappeared leaving all her eggs behind. :(

Looks like we’ve missed out for this year as it is getting late although up here in Scotland there seems to be a fair number of queens still buzzing about.

Any tips? think it seems a bit cruel catching bees, is there any way to “attract”? or is catching the best way?

Also, ants, damn things seem to like honey, will bees “deal” with them themselves?



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Hi! Such a shame about your early bumblebee :(
We’ve got a bumblebee nesting box that we’ve had for several years and has never been used…so probably not the best placed to give advice! However, I believe that putting some old mouse bedding in is meant to help attract them. Once there’s no chance of our box being used this year I think I’m going to pop it in the garage to see if a mouse will make it’s home in there for a bit and then see if we have more luck next year.