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What can I do to attract this bumble bee to nest in my garden


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First time poster but trying to do as much as I can for any buzzing friends.

When I got back home today, to my surprise I found and all over black bumble bee sat on my Spirea shrub. I’m 99% sure it was all over black and by the time I had managed to get my camera it had flown off. Looking up on the website to identify the bumble bee it could possibly be either a Ruderal Bumble Bee queen or a male Field Cuckoo bumble bee.

What I would like to know is if there is anything special that those sorts of bees like in habitat and nesting. I’m changing the garden over to be more wildlife friendly, with loads bee & butterfly plants & flowers and I’m building a dry stone wall in a garden corner using old bricks and paving slabs and a bug pile made of old branches and logs. But if these bees prefer a particular type of flower or plant or a particular type of place to nest then I’d like to accommodate them as well.