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Wild flower turf for lawn


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Hello all,

I am converting my lawn to wild flowers, and want to use a prepared wildflower turf. 

The garden area has decent sunlight.  The soil is poor, although I suspect there is clay beneath the top soil, I will dig down to confirm.  I am also based in the south of England and want flowers and grasses that naturally occur here.

I have found two companies offering different mixes of wild flower turf and I am uncertain as to which mix would be best for bumble bees.  Both companies offer different ratios of flowers to grass and slightly different mixes of flowers. 

Wildflower Turf say their grasses have been selected to compliment the flowers, not compete with them, I am assuming the additional two grasses in the Meadowmat turf don’t compete with the flowers?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Wold Flower Turf by MeadowMat:

Wildflower Landscape Turff by Wildflower Turf:


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Any thoughts?  Thank you.


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(a) For advice on wild flowers suitable for Bumblebees see “The Bumblebees of Essex”  by Ted Benton (Lopinga Books, first published 2000).  For each species of bumblebee Benton lists the main wildflower species foraged .  Each Chapter has a “Habitat and forage-sources section”.  The Appendix “Bumblebee Forage Plants in Essex ” gives a list of over 100 wild and naturalised species (common and Latin names).

(b)  Make sure your wild flower mix includes Yellow Rattle - Rhinanthus minor - as this plant suppress the growth of grasses which compete with your wildflowers.

(c)  Your wildflower mix should aim at having some different wildflowers available throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

(d) Wildflower meadows should only be cut at the end of the season so that the seeds have had time to develop, ripen and be shed ready for the next year.

(e)  Check the pH of your soil.  There is no point in trying to grow chalk downland wildflowers on acidic soil.

21:30 Monday 31 July 2017