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nest found


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Very excited to have found a bumblebee nest in my garden (Mum a little less impressed as she accidentally disturbed it and got stung…)

Anyway, delighted to have found it and going to try identifying the species next, but in the meantime, I was wondering, if after the nest dies off in the autumn, it would be worth getting a bumblebee nest box and taking some of the old nest material to see if I could encourage bees to use it next year? That way I could put the box in a slightly more secure spot in my back garden, rather than in the front where it is now and could be disturbed by passing folks, critters on leads etc and my nice bee friendly plants are all in the back garden… I have no intention of moving the current nest as it’s causing no problem and seems to be doing fine.

All seems well with the nest now. I left it alone after we’d disturbed it with the gardening, but had a quick peek at it on the way past this morning and the bees all seem happy enough and going about their business, so not bothered about the accidental prodding they got last night.