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Save the Bee: Creating the Global Bee Sanctuary


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Be part of building a Global Bee Sanctuary!

I am writing today to ask for your support in this opportunity to play a unique and pivotal role in the creation of a Global Bee Sanctuary through an innovative ‘social business’ model, thereby promoting regional agricultural productivity, environment and biodiversity protection, and ultimately safeguarding global food security. The purpose of this crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds to fast-track the transition of the current commercial wholesale venture into a self-funding retail-based social venture. In doing so, the foundation will be laid for generating future revenue sufficient to create and sustain a Global Bee Sanctuary.

If you have time you can read our post about the development in the protection and preservation of the honeybee for future generations.


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I think you might be in the wrong place - this forum is concerned with wild bees rather than domestic livestock like honeybees