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Publications on creating a Wildflower meadow, a small one.


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At the end of my back garden I have created a piece that is 30 feet square and mostly clay that I have tried to use a vegetable plot but as there is a large Walnut tree at one end and trees in the gardens either side the plot is covered in shade most of the time and about the only things that grew successfully were Broad Beans and Runner Beans.  As the start of this year was dry even the potatoes did not do well. 

I’m close to 80 and not inclined to commit the amount of time required to work such an unproductive vegetable garden so I have decided to change course and encouraged by a piece on Wild flower meadows on a Sunday evening TV program that’s the way I intend to go.  I keyed in the above title into this Web Page and nothing came up so the first question is:  Is there anything in these forums relating to that question and if so how do I find it?

Whilst looking for information on this subject on the Internet I came across a mass of items in short format and a large number of books so my next question is:  Would anyone care to make a recommendation as to which book they can recommend?

I am in the process of clearing the vegetable patch, digging it over and clearing it of escaped potatoes and weed which will make it ready for seeding it by the middle of September but I would like to know if the seeds grow and the flowers and grass show themselves do they need cutting back at any stage, do they need re-seeding and do they need fertilizing so any information will be welcome.