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crashes while entering records


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The system behaved erratically twice while entering records. As a result, record numbers 1153574 and 1153575 are duplicates and should be deleted. Other records were submitted after four attempts! If submitting a lot of records for a walk, I suggest stepping forwards to save them at regular intervals.

There is still no way of entering zero records for a walk, so it appears that it was never done.


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Hi Portbee,
To enter zero records for a walk, you fill in the first page (date, time, weather, etc), but don’t enter anything on the species page - just click save straight away on the species and comment pages.

Sorry you’ve been struggling to enter data - I’ll amend the master dataset accordingly. The servers that the website runs on were recently updated (without any prior notice), so this may have caused some of the problems but things should hopefully be better in the future. As with anything, it’s always worth not having too much unsaved data lying around - you can always input it section by section