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Bees and my dogs


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Bumblebees have set up a home in our porch steps. They are cinderblock and they found an entry point right outside our back door at the landing level. I am happy to have them there but my dogs are absolutely mesmerized by them. It is going to end badly I fear. There is a chance that they will get stung, nothing to be too concerned about. I am worried that the dogs will hurt themselves falling while trying to catch a bee mid air.

I have tried to place a board large enought to block the dogs access to the nest entrance. I did this late at night hoping that all the bees would have been in the nest so that the next mornign as they left they would be forced on a different path. They are returning home and are confused but they are finding their way back in. This has actually made the issue worse as now the bees are hovering around the entrance longer becoming more of a target.

Will they eventually adjust to a new flight path? Do you have any recommendations on what else could be done? I dont think covering the one entrance and drilling through the otherside is an option.

Thanks for any advice.