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How do I add a new results to a monthly walk?


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I can find no way to add the results of my latest beewalk to the online site.  The only option I see on the ‘my walks’ (or whatever its called) page is ‘New Walk’ which sets up a completely new walk or ‘edit’ to change the original results I put in.  I just want to add new records to my walk.  I’ve spent 15 minutes looking at all of the options on the beewalk site and can’t find any way to do this.
Is it me?


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Hi DiGreen, I think if you log in and go to the My Walks page, you will see a sort of calendar of dates.
At the top of this, there should be a ‘filter by site’ with a drop down box. From this, choose your transect.
Then, on the calendar, if you go to the date you did your latest BeeWalk and click on the green cross on that date, you should be taken to the right place to start putting in your records.
Hope this works ok! If you are still having trouble, try emailing Richard directly.


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Hi Digreen,
As Beehappy says, to record details of your BeeWalks you’ll need to go to the ‘My Walks’ page and click on the date that you did your walk - that will take you to the walk-recording page.  The ‘My Sites’ page is for reviewing/editing your sites.

In case you haven’t found it, there’s a downloadable guidance document (linked from the bottom of the homepage, and from the recording pages) which has detailed, step-by-step instructions for everything that you’ll need to do on the site, including recording sightings.