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Nest found in attick


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Hi, We have got bumblebees coming from the front and the back of our house, they are going into the roof space under the tiles, and they seem to be swarming around the entrance. Im a little concerned as they are right outside my bedroom window at the back of the house.
We have decided not to venture up into the attick as dont want to upset them or get stung.

My question is should we just leave them to it? or could they cause a problem being in the attick?
I can see they have black bodies and a yellow stipe which i assume are bumble bees and am i correct in saying they are not naturally agressive?

We also have another nest at theend of our garden, they appear to be coming in and out of a crack at the bottom of a concrete gate post on the ground. should we be letting anyone know that they are settled here?

any advice would be great and thanks for your time smile


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Hi “scully”

Please see my article by using the link below.

Yours,      Clive