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Found some bumbly friends


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This morning we have noticed some bees flying in and out of an air vent in the side of our house. They aren’t causing any bother, I’ve done a bit of googling and think they are bumble bees so I think won’t be any problem but I just wanted to check. We’ve recently planted some plants and flowers to attract them in the back garden so have no concerns with them being here, just want to be sure they won’t do any damage to the house. So I hoped someone with more experience than us could confirm this please smile


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Hi Clare

yes you are correct- definitely bumblebees.
They could be one of two species either Buff-tailed (Bombus terrestris) or White-tailed bumblebees (Bombus lucorum)
These are sometimes difficult to tell apart from photos as both of these species have two yellow stripes and a pale tail.

In the case of Buff-tailed bbs, the yellow colour is very dark almost golden brown and the tail can be white to buff-coloured. They are slightly bigger than the White-tailed bbs, whose yellow colour is a very bright lemon yellow and they have a very bright white tail.

You can learn about the common bumblebees here http://bumblebeeconservation.org/about-bees/identification/common-bumblebees/

Bumblebees can’t do any damage to buildings. They can only use pre-existing holes. But they could potentially cause a blockage I suppose, so that is something to think about. The nests don’t last for very long, just a few months over the summer. Then all the remaining colony will die off. So you do any necessary repairs then.

Enjoy them, they are a pleasure to watch going about their busy lives smile