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Advice appreciated


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Hi just wondering if anyone can offer any advice. Last night we tried to relocate (from one side of our garden to the other a bumblebee nest in our bird box. We followed the instructions on the website but unfortunately the bird box fell down from its new location. The box is now down on the ground and still has plenty of angry sounding bees inside. Unfortunately a number of bees are circling around the site of where the box used to be. Ideally we were leaving the bung in the opening of the box until this afternoon (as the website recommended) but it came out as the box fell. Tonight we are going to attempt rehanging it. Is it worth putting it back in the old location for a couple of days for the confused bees to move back in? Or should we just put it straight up in the new location? Was wondering if some bees would have tried to go back even if it hadn’t gone wrong. Thought the move was going ok, really disappointed it didn’t work out. We are only moving them as the fence is falling down and needs to be replaced :(


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Hi KathrynS,

Welcome to the Forum.

It sounds like we need to tweak my article to allow for events like yours !

The bees looking for their old home ought to start searching around for it, find it in the new location, then adopt that as their home again.
They might continue flying back to the original place, then across to the new location afterwards.

A colony in a nest box will be perfectly able to cope with the nest box being at ground level, but it will then be much more liable to be attacked and destroyed by badgers - even in suburban gardens.

Please keep informing us about these events / happenings - that is how combined knowledge builds up for us to use !
And take some photos too, since these might be useful as a way of explaining things !

Yours,      Clive