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what do i do about what i think is a bumble bee nest


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hi I think I have found a bumble bee nest in my bungalow wall and am not too sure what to do about it as I have small children aged 2 & 9 . im not sure if the nest is in the wall cavity or in my loft insulation .  any help would be gratefully received smile

I have added pictures of the little sods




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Dear Nicole,

Firstly, welcome to the Forum.

Secondly, you almost certainly have a colony of the Tree Bumblebee.
Please take a look at the article I wrote about them which is tucked away in the FAQs part of the About Bees part of they website.
It should answer most of your questions.
Here is a quick link to the article:

The colony will probably die out naturally around the end of July.

Please come back to this thread if you need any further information !

Yours,        Clive