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Bees and electricity


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Hello bee lovers.

I am new to this sight and I have a concern.

I live in a park home in the middle of a pine forest and discovered that I have a bees nest in the ceiling.  I have a small shower room and they seem to be right over the light.  I have watched them coming and going through a very small gap between the tiles.  They are a very small and seem to have a white tail, but I cannot tell what other markings they have, I know they are not honey bees.

Please advise as I am worried about them getting electrocuted or blowing the the lights.


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Dear Honeybee V,

Firstly, welcome to the Forum !

Secondly, it would be extremely useful if you were to let us see a photo of the bees.  It doesn’t have to be all that clear, because we are initially looking at the shape and colour pattern of the bee’s fur.

It might just be that you have a colony of the Tree Bumblebee, which is turning up in many surprising places at the moment.
Please take a look at the article I wrote about them which is tucked away in the FAQs part of the About Bees part of they website.
It should answer most of your questions.
Here is a quick link to the article:

If it is a colony of these bees, it will probably die out naturally around the end of July.

The bees often walk a significant distance from their access hole to their nest, so the electrocution risk might be reduced - although a worry.
It might be possible to make them land and walk a different direction to the nest !

Please come back to this thread if you need any further information !

Yours,          Clive