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Nest in wall of house but what are they


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we have noticed what we presume are bumble bees flying in and out of three round holes in the wall. We think the bees made these holes. There are three holes that they fly in and out of plus the air vent.
We tried to contact someone who would move them but they said they would kill them and we do not want that.
They are largish round bees with orange colouring and a white tip at the bottom and there seem to be a lot of them . We are trying to get a good photo to send but do not want to get too close.

Any advice on how to respect them and ensure we and our 7 cats are ok too ??


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Dear Gimmer,

Firstly, welcome to the Forum.

From what you have said, you probably have a Tree Bumblebee colony.

I’m surprised to hear that they could have made holes, but not too surprised to hear about them using an air-vent.

Please take a look at the article I wrote about them which is tucked away in the FAQs part of the About Bees part of they website.
It should answer most of your questions.
Here is a quick link to the article:

The colony will probably die out naturally around the end of July.

I’m getting feedback emails at the moment from quite a lot of people who have suddenly discovered that they have Tree Bumblebee colonies - so you are not alone !

Please come back to this thread if you need any further information !

Yours       Clive