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Bees in rabbit hutch?


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I am new to the forum.
We have a bees nest in the soffit of our bungalow, which I have no problem with but the bees are trying to nest (?) in my rabbit hutch which is about 6 feet away. 

I managed to remove all of the straw from the hutch yesterday evening but there are a lot (30 or so)  are still flying around the hutch.  I have blocked up the hole that they were using to get in.

I obviously don’t want to harm the bees is there anything that I could spray into/onto my hutch to deter them?

I think they are red-tailed bees.

Many thanks for your time.



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Hi Andrea,

Firstly, welcome to the forum !

Secondly, bumblebees do sometimes nest in accumulated hay / straw in rabbit hutches.
It is quite likely that you have a Tree Bumblebee colony in your soffit box.
One of the odd things that this species does is called “drone nest surveillance” where numbers of boy bees hang around outside the flight point of a colony, hoping to mate with a virgin queen that’s come form the colony.
There is an article about TBBs that I wrote tucked away on the FAQs of About Bees on this website.
Here’s a quick link to it: 

Please take a look at the article and come back to this thread if you need any further help.

As to deterring the bees, you could spray the hutch area of interest with a solution of Jeyes Fluid, this has a strong carbolic odour which works wonders at deterring honey bee swarms from taking up residence in tile hung parts of houses !

Finally, do take a photo of the bees and lest us have a look at them, so we can identify the species,

I hope this helps !

Yours,        Clive