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Badger Raid


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I saw a couple of terrestris/lucorum workers coming out of a largish hole in the corner of a meadow (maybe a foot in diameter). One worker was much larger than the other. The larger one was trying to fly off when I netted it, the other was crawling about on the ground in the entrance and looked a bit battered. The hole looked rather small for a badger’s set. There were several other smaller holes, scrapes really nearby. I wonder if a badger had raided a bumblebee nest here.


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Hi James,
Quite likely!
Badgers do like to dig up underground bumble nests for a bit of protein. I’ve seen at least 2 x B. terrestris nests damaged in this way, during the last five years. I guess that high-rise B. hypnorum bumbles wont have this problem?


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Hi James,

Badgers are major predators of bumblebee nests in the ground and at ground level.

I’ve seen B. lapidarius B. pratorum and B. terrestris colonies that have been raided.

The hole they make to get at the nest can be about a foot wide and 18” deep (30 x 45cm) and appear overnight.