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Do bumble bees learn or do the just “bumble” about?


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Okay that is a curious first question here I know but yesterday I caught and released 14 bumble bees at my kitchen window (I have a young dog who is very interested in them so I don’t want bees or dog to get hurt).  When I took them out in a glass and freed them they all flew off in the same direction towards a neighbour garden about 30 m from my kitchen door.

Last night after I locked the back door one of the bees was ‘knocking’ on the door ...

This morning there was one in as soon as I opened the door and I left it while I fed the dogs and it took itself back out safely - there have been several more in who have all taken themselves back out - including the one that came in and sat on the lounge floor.  The young dog sniffed at her and ten left her when told.  The bee stayed for about ten minutes and then just went again.

To be clear I love bumble bees and if we have a nest that is fine I won’t be moving it but I am curious about this strange behaviour - I have lived here 7 years and never had this happen before.

Not sure if they are buff tails or white tails yet (my picture form yesterday not good enough)