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Winter - active bumbles


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Hello everyone,
There’s not much activity on the forum at present, busy, busy getting ready for Christmas?  So here’s something else that you could be doing at the same time:  how about joining in the 2013/14 BWARS [Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society] WINTER - ACTIVE BUMBLE SURVEY. Info at   <http://www.bwars.com>.  The bumbles [Bombus terrestris/lucorum] really are busy out there now in Leicester, foraging pollen from winter-flowering shrubs such as Lonicera purpuseii & Mahonia “Charity”.  If you aren’t growing these shrubs in your garden, then check out the car-park shrubberies when you visit your local supermarkets for your Christmas shopping.  How about asking for one of these plants as a really acceptable Christmas present?
Seasons Greetings,


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I moved to Derry last october and think it is possibly too far north to have winter-active bumblebees.
Having said that I haven’t been outside looking as the weather has been shocking!

But I remember in late October/early November there were still some wildflowers out eg I saw plenty of flowering tufted vetch and white clover in the road verges! Just wondering if that is unusually late or within the normal range?

Thanks for the tips about Mahonia &Lonicera;!