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Bombus Hypnorum on a Mexican Sunflower


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I thought I’d post a photo to show you all.

Someone on here…apologies for not remembering who….........recommended the Mexican Sunflowers and they’ve been the stars of my garden.

The Bees Hovers and Butterflies have all benefited and if you keep dead heading them they just keep producing more and more flowers and still going strong now…................worth trying for next year smile

Photo taken a couple of days ago


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Great to see the bees enjoying the flowers! I’ve never grown these in my garden, but think I’ll have a go next year. did you find them easy to grow?

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Hi Anthony

I started them from seed….....I bought mine from Sarah Raven….........I had so many and gave lots away to friends and family.

The slugs like them but if you plant them out when they’re a good size then you’ll have a good head start without the need for slug deterrents.

I can’t recommend them enough, they’re still producing flowers albeit rather small and scruffy but they’ve been a good source of food all through the Autumn and the hypnorum, terrestris and lucorum have particularly enjoyed them, along with numerous butterflies

I shall definitely grow them again