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Tree Bumblebee - Queen looking sluggish


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Our Tree Bumblebee nest became inactive a month or so ago. Today we have seen the Queen at the entrance looking very sluggish. Is this the old Queen or a new Queen?


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Hi elsadog, hard to say but if she was sluggish it may be the old queen who will die when the nest ceases. However if the weather is cold it could be a new queen who is cold and needs food. Sorry i can’t be more help but thanks for your post.


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Hi, Elsadog!
I also had a hypnorum nest this year and around Sep/Oct I saw a sluggish queen sitting in the bush near the birdbox they had inhabited. Her thorax was quite bountiful with hair, so I don’t know if she was a new queen or the original… But it is interesting that we encountered the same things!