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Talking Point….


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I don’t know if anybody else has noticed…but one of the side effects of a fascination with bumblebees is that you inspire the interest in others.

A colleague was showing me photographs of her garden today at break time…I spotted some b.humilis and b. pratorum and pointed them out to her, chatting about the plants that they were visiting and what they were doing….as the discussion went on and I answered her questions more of my colleagues joined in…asking questions about the bees that they had seen around…bee behaviour etc…the upshot is I have given out the web address of the BBCT and hopefully we’ll be getting more members AND my colleagues have jotted down lists of pollinator friendly plants to grow in their gardens.

So more happy bumblebees. Perfect smile


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Well done you!  That’s what it is all about - spread the word and save the bumbles.  You’ll soon have your own local bumble interest group!  The next thing to do is to pot up and swap bumble plant snippets, rather than have to spend a lot of money buying them.  Spread the word and spread the flowers too! Enjoy.