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Discovered Bumblebee nest at the back of our garden.


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We have discovered that there is a bumblebee nest in our garden.

Our garden is currently undergoing work as it had been abandoned and used as a dumping ground for over 20 years. We moved here a few months ago and it is being cleared.
The contractors working on behalf of the council seem to have come across the nest and from what we have seen some of it has been destroyed.

We can see a few hexagonal cells but there are still bees around so we presume the nest is still ok. (underground)

When the workmen come back Monday or some time next week we are going to tell them to leave the end of the garden with the nest alone.

Is there anything we can do to to help the bees? Or is it best to just leave them alone. We really hope they don’t move on or die off. We like having them there.



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Welcome to the forum TIA.

It is best if you could ask the workmen to leave the nest alone for now, and it probably will survive being disturbed like this as bumblebee nests are fairly resilient. The nest will probably die naturally soon, as bumblebee nests do’t normally live over winter. So to help the bees, just protect the nest from the workman, nd everything should play out naturally.