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Masses of cuckoo’s.


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The last week or so my garden has bee swamped by loads of cuckoo bees. Trouble is there are so many that i can’t tell the true bumble’s from these nasty invaders.

I have read that you can tell the difference by looking at their hind legs, true bumble’s have shiny legs and cuckoo’s have dull ones. However i have seen a cuckoo with shiny legs so now i am really confused. Does anyone know of any other way of telling true bumble’s apart?

We have bad weather coming and i like to rescue wet bees, feed them then release but i don’t want to save the cuckoo’s, so i think i’m leaving true bees out in the bad weather as i don’t want to risk the cuckoo’s coming in.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated grin

Lost my previous details, just to say i was alibumble before lol grin Thanks all.


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