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Bees vs Bees !


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In May, i moved home, i was very pleased to discover Bumble bees were nesting in the roof space of the porch, fair enough, it was great to know the space was being utilised for a good cause and it gave me pleasure to watch/keep an eye on them. it must of been a large colony, on hot nights you could hear them droning away and you could feel the vibration of them when you touched the ceiling. Two weeks ago a swarm of honey bees, hundreds of them decided they liked the porch as well, fortunatly they were entering by the only other gap which was on the other side of the porch although whenever a Bumble returned it was followed in! although it was an amazing spectacle, i was upet for the resident bumbles and i imagined it must have been a war inside. however, the following days the odd bumbles were coming to and fro, i have not seen a honey bee since even though i watched them all enter! can anyone shed light on this please? i am very curious and dont want to strip the slates off the roof to see inside. do they co-exist?
all the best, steve.