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dead bumble bees


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Hi all!

I have just found 5 dead bumble bees on our lawn close to a known nest. Should they be dying at this time of the year?

We back onto farm land so worry about crop spay causing the problem.

We have not see and honey bees this year so the poor bumble bee is shouldering an extra load!




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I’ve seen the odd dead bumblebee in the past few weeks in our garden too. The workers don’t live very long do they? hopefully it’s a natural occurrence and there’s not something more sinister going on? Are there still plenty of healthy bumblebees emerging from the nest ? what species are they? do they look bedraggled? The dead ones that I find are usually a bit battered.

On the windowsill of wash-up in pathology where I work I found an absolutely beautiful perfectly preserved dead bombus terrestris ...it looks like it was trapped in the hot windowsill and just died of starvation. Sad…but it gave me the chance to study it in detail…