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Dead bees in my bath


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2 weeks ago we started to notice the odd bee in our house by the window (or dead at the bottom of the window)

I’ve just got back from a 1 week holiday and there were about 6 dead bees in my bath.

Some are very large!

I don’t know what to do about it. I’m not particularly bothered if it’s just 1 bee per day but my 6 year old daughter gets back from holiday this week and I don’t want her treading on dead bees (or being freaked out by the massive ones!)

Any advice welcome. Thanks.


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What sort are they? can you describe them? maybe there is a nest nearby/in the house wall or eaves…perhaps they are getting into the bathroom and then can’t find a way out so are dying of starvation? Bombus terrestris/leucorum are both quite common and when the nest is in it’s prime they can be quite ‘rhobust’ (flying mice)

If they are 2 cm+ the chances are that the very large ones are newly hatched queens.