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Bumblebee and apple juice


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I am new to the forum and this is my first post.

My hubby called me into the garden about an hour ago.  He was watching a Bumblebee on one of the half apples that we put out daily for resident blackbirds.  We had seen them settle on the apples several times before. 
Closer inspection shows that the bee is drinking the juice from the apple.  He/she moved onto the top of the apple and was there for several minutes, moving from place to place.
I took lots of pictures and thought you might like to see one of them.
I’m not the worlds best photographer but I think you can see our little bee enjoying his afternoon drink of apple-juice.
Thank you for allowing me this opportunity of showing such a fascinating subject.



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Lovely pics.  I’m not sure what species of bee he is as I’m fairly new to the forum since discovering a nest of bumble bees living in my compost heap.  We have bumble bees come every year and nest in the eaves of our house but this was the first time we had two nests.

They are lovely, fascinating little creatures.