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Plants to grow in july


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Hi all,

I have about 12 pots on my patio which have just finished flowering, although some of the verbeena are shooting for a second time. I was wondering if there is anything extra I can plant out, maybe some heathers or a lavender plant, at this time of year to keep the bees coming?

I live in Brighton and temperatures have been very high the last few days so I don’t want the plants to die if I put them out now.

Any suggestions welcome and appreciated!



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The Garden centres around here are selling pots of liatris, echinacea and the single open faced dahlias that bees love. Heucheras and heucherellas have tiny flowers but the bees love to visit them.

The liatris will only flower once , but it is a perennial so you’ll have flowers every year, and the individual spears of flower last for several days/weeks…the dahlias will carry on flowering until the first frosts in October/November (especially if you remove the dead flowers to encourage new ones) and heucheras never seem to stop flowering smile they all do well in pots as well as in the ground. The dahlia would need protection in the winter but I just let them dry out and then shove the pot under the staging of my greenhouse over winter.

Sedums are bee magnets too…get along to your local GC and have a shuftie…but shop around as some of them are very expensive. I bought liatris corms from Wilkinsons a few years ago for £2 , planted them in the early spring and they have provided lots of late summer nectar for the bumblebees ever since….but this time of the year you would need to buy plants rather than the corms (as well as looking fabulous)

Good hunting